Vocational Training Increasingly Popular for Women

Independent, private training providers and colleges have recently reported a huge surge in the number of vocational courses being subscribed for in the past few months – with the traditional trades proving the most popular. Applications for plumbing courses, electrician training and decorating have been steadily rising in recent months – suggesting young people are following the old advice of ‘getting a trade’ in the wake of mass unemployment and rising University tuition fees.

The main factor in these rising numbers of vocational course students seems to be the increase in women training or trade qualification – with many course providers now offering specific courses for women in order to accommodate the rise in numbers of women keen to learn a trade and take control of their own careers.

Vocational courses like electrician training have been seeing a steady growth in popularity over the past few years – tracing back to the start of the current economic downturn in 2007/8. Vocational courses have become an attractive option as they can provide industry-recognised qualifications and a lot of practical experience – meaning a job in the trade is emergency plumbing services easier to get once you have qualified. However, it is still not clear why there are more courses for women in courses like electrician train and other ‘male’ trades.

One of the reasons could be the ever-growing influence and impact of green technologies used in these industries – making an electrician training course much more attractive to women who see solar power installation as a worthwhile career. Another reason could be that women looking for a career have realised the niche they can offer as fully qualified tradespeople. Studies have shown that pensioners and other women feel a lot more comfortable and safe letting a woman into their homes than a strange man. This kind of market advantage could be what is currently driving women to take electrician training and plumbing courses, as these courses offer women a new chance to become qualified and begin a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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